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the always neglected strawberry ice cream


the always neglected strawberry ice cream

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The War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise

A colossal downer of a comic, I know… apologies in advance

don’t have kids, less global warming for the rest of em

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Details - Howl’s Moving Castle

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All of these prints are for sale in my new online store. Every purchase before May 1st, 2014 also comes with a bonus small original doodle drawn by me! Get them while they’re fresh!

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'Old English fairy tales' collected by S. Baring Gould; illustrated by F. D. Bedford. Published 1895 by Methuen & Co, London.

See the complete book here.

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white people be like ‘stop making fun of us for not having lips and eating boring food’

POC be like ‘stop murdering us’

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